A Diary of my overland journey from England to Australia

By Steven Abrams

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» Preparation
» Departure Day
» Turkey
» Iran
» Afghanistan
» Pakistan
» India 1 - from the Pakistan border to Raxaul
» Nepal
» India 2 - from Raxaul to Calcutta - via Goa
» Burma
» Thailand 1 - from Bangkok to Nongkai
» Laos
» Cambodia
» Thailand 2 - from Aranyaprathet to Had-Yai
» Malaysia
» Singapore
» Sarawak
» Indonesia
» Portuguese (East) Timor
» Australia and beyond

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Preparation, England to Istanbul, Turkey, Iran (711K)

Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Burma (1668K)

Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia (1374K)