A Diary of my overland journey from England to Australia

By Steven Abrams

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    It all started when I telephoned the overseas touring department of the AA to ask them to send me the Eastern Europe handbook. I was starting to plan my 1967 summer holiday in which I intended to go motoring behind the Iron Curtain for two weeks. As events turned out the holiday was destined never to take place, but that is another story. The brown envelope that arrived in the post a few days later contained the Middle Eastern handbook. Some clerk in the overseas touring section had obviously considered his duty completed, after all the word "Eastern" was correct. This seemingly minor mistake was to change my life.

    Typical budget priced hotel room


    If you recognise yourself or if you know any of my fellow travellers of the time. If you are one of those travellers or did a similar trip in the late 60's or early 70's, I would love to hear from you. - PLEASE CONTACT ME.

    First class travel all the way




    Afghanistan/Pakistan border

    I was travelling for almost three years from October 1968 until August 1971. I travelled with a friend, overland through Europe to Istanbul, and then on through Asia to India, mostly by hitch-hiking. Although we started hitch-hiking in India, we soon realised that it was very cheap to travel by train, so trains became our main transport while we were on the Sub-Continent.

    Hitch-hiking in Iran


    Beyond India there was no road through Burma, so we had to fly to Thailand. We then continued hitch-hiking around South East Asia. On Tuesday 8th April 1969, a little over six months after leaving Liverpool we arrived in Darwin, Australia's northemost city and capital of the Northern Territory.

    This web site is a record of that overland journey, compiled from the diary I kept at the time, and from the many letters that I wrote home during the trip.

    I have been re-writing this journal for the last few years now, whenever I manage to find some time. It may take a few more years to complete, so if you would like me to email you each time I add some more pages, please contact me and I will put you on my mailing list.